LED Vdieo wall

Pixel Pitch: P0.9/P1.2/P1.5/P1.6/P1.8/P1.9/P2.0/P2.5/P3.........
Screen size:Custom made
Display pixel:Custom made

Joy Light's high-resolution LED Video wall has no splicing seams and unlimited size.
It can play videos, presentations, and connect instantly. The color of LED light source is highly variable.
It can be used as a single color or multiple gradient colors using electronic regulators.
The heat generation is lower than traditional lamps, the volume is smaller, the brightness is brighter, and it is thinner, so it is more space-saving and beautiful.
And LED has the characteristics of less power consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, less failure, large viewing angle, long visible distance, and excellent visual effects!

LED Running Text
Screen size:Custom made
Display pixel:Custom made
The LED Running Text can broadcast full color Chinese and English text, numbers, date, time, animation, etc., to facilitate the announcement of new information. Eye-catching colored lettering for great detail during the day.\

Leser track show&DMX RGB Lift Ball
This product is a new type of performance combined with ball lights, audio, laser tracking system, Configurable on demand to create stunning animated space LED elements.
Using specially designed signal cables, the motor unit can accurately move objects up and down. The height, speed, color and brightness of each sphere can be individually adjusted.
The creation of custom arrays with controllable motor units can produce complex 3D abstract shapes and visual effects.

LED 3D image starry decoration light
This product system is designed to have a colorful LED display effect.
The LED three-dimensional light bar is like a colorful satin. With dynamic effects, it becomes a giant display screen in the air.
It is difficult to attract attention.

LED lighting refers to the complete lighting decoration project for the entire floor, including office buildings, residential buildings, teaching buildings, hospitals and other public buildings.
LED lighting is an important part of urban lighting projects.
It can not only change the image of buildings at night, but also enrich the night life of citizens and become a landmark building of the city.
Program planning
Use special simulation software to simulate ball light movement and laser effect design program on the computer in advance.
You can also make an opening animation program according to the theme.