About JoyLight


Joy light Technology Inc. is a professional LED video walls manufacturer . In addition to main products manufacturing, we also develop other products to close customer needs. We also provide multimedia programs design. Consumers can purchase the products with hardware and software. In recent years, Joy light LED has built numerous large cases for famous enterprises and government agencies . Joy light LED has extensive experience and innovation capabilities by these cases.By promoting innovation in the industry, Joy light LED has achieved outstanding results, especially in international innovation competitions, winning multiple gold medals and awards, and bringing honor to our country. With a strong reputation for innovation that has been recognized and supported by many customers, Joy light LED has remained resilient during the three-year epidemic and has grown year after year in the face of adversity, making Joy light LED a company that has fully embraced innovation in the industry. The products(and services) of our company include LED TV wall, LED Subtitle Machine, Autostereoscopic 3D Displays, Metaverse Applications, Sport Scoring System, Lighting & Audio Video Programs. Welcome to email us (ledjl@ledjl.com)or contact our customer services(form on Contact page) for more informations.

 pass the certificate of
ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environment management system,and ISO 27001 Information security management system 
Registration NO. UQ182090R0

☆2022  Japan Design, Idea and Invention Expo (JDIE). Gold Medal Award
2022  Japan Design, Idea and Invention Expo (JDIE). Romania Special Award
☆2022  The International Innovation Club. "Archimedes" Gold Medal Award
☆2022  The International Innovation Club. "Archimedes" Special Award
2022  Concours Lépine Bronze Medal Award

☆2021  Concours Lépine Bronze Medal Award (2)
☆2020 ~ 2022 :and other awards about production , firm process ,CEO abilities inTaiwan.

The JoyLight's products have been insured.Product Liability Insurance: 1502 Word No. 09PD01841.

☆Passed <Taiwan Invention Patent> in 2019 .

☆Received CITD Industrial Bureau assistance to assit traditional industry technology development plan in 2019.

☆Awarded the outstanding performance manufacturers of  Taichung City Hall Golden Hand Award in 2019.
Awarded the Taichung Industry Association Innovation Award for SMBs in 2019.