XR (Extended Reality)Virtual Studio

Recently, thanks to the innovation of science and technology, many ideas that were once unable to be commercialized are being proposed and implemented. The application of XR is one such case. The full name of XR is Extended Reality. XR is composed of three technologies:Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Some people use the formula:VR+AR+MR=XR to present the XR concept. Nowadays, the definition of XR still cannot be clarified. Any VR, AR, and MR application can be connected with XR. Therefore, XR is also regarded as a general term for virtual reality technology.

The 34th Taipei Building Show in 2022 was held in December last year. Joy Light Technology Inc. displayed an XR-Virtual Studio in the show, showing the technological, clarity, and three-dimensionality of the virtual studio through the LED display screen. The XR-Virtual Studio attracted many people to stop and watch.

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